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There is an unspoken rule in the adult entertainment industry, and it goes a little something like this: “Money ain’t for nothin’ if the chicks are free.” In other words, you might as well spend your cash on ass because there’s not much else worth a dollar these days. It’s true; you get what you pay for. If a cheap nut is what you want, you can certainly find it. But, if you want to jizz until you spontaneously combust, you’ll have to whip out your wallet.

We hate to break it to you, but as soon as you go to Crazy Live Cams you’ll understand why we thought this warning was needed. We didn’t get too far on the free membership perks, but then again, our stamina is through the roof. For the average guy, gal, or guy-gal, this live sex cam site is the bee’s knees – complete with all the honeys you can get.

We had plenty of time to go through every single tab featured on the Crazy Live Cams website. At first, we were a little skeptical about the variety we would find on board (or lack thereof), but we stayed around long enough to realize that each model is willing to play dirty on just about every level. No need for a mountain of categories when everyone is DTF, we suppose.

Who, What, When, Why, How?

This site is one of those places where you’re not sure whether you love it or hate it. Scrolling to the bottom of the list of models is a bitch, and there’s no way to save your favorite selections. However, Crazy Live Cams does have something that the other sites wished they did: hoes who are actually friendly AND fuckable. We were so used to banging Miss Congeniality that we forgot how sexy some hoes can be. Holy boners, Batman!

We will take quality over quantity any time, although the same can’t be said by the rest of the population apparently. With only about 1,000 active members, CLC is still very much a little-known diamond (and we know how you like it rough). It features an array of women, men, and transsexuals who are not only willing but also able to juice your genitals until they bleed (if you’re into that sort of thing).

No, Crazy Live Cams isn’t called “crazy” because the models are into torture or some shit. It’s just a creative way for the developers to describe the collective personalities of the sluts involved. Their appetite for the crotch is legendary, and as good as most of them look, we would venture to say it was their calling to be our virtual hookers. It’s hard for us to know anything for sure when we’re cum-dumb though.

How Does This Work?

Like most of the other live sex cam websites we have had the pleasure of reviewing, Crazy Live Cams offers up mounds of models around the clock. Want to jerk off to some Asian lesbians at 4 A.M.? Nobody there is going to judge you. Trust us. We tested the theory. What happens on the site stays on the site. It’s like the Vegas of Virtual Porn, and the best part is that it’s free (well, sort of).

The thing is: you can enter the fun park for free but the rides require tickets. When you sign up you will automatically receive some free shit to get started with, but that won’t take you too far. When you’re given $9.99 in credits it seems like a treat, but the good stuff on Crazy Live Cams is sort of expensive. Listen to your grandma and don’t spend it all in one place.

Although there aren’t a shit ton of categories to choose from, you’ll still want to spread the love around a bit before settling on a favorite fuck. Every time we thought we found “the one,” another hooker would catch our attention and we would fall in love again. What Crazy Live Cams lacks in overall category, it more than makes up for in sheer choice. And we’re talking Grade A Prime Choice, yo.

It didn’t surprise us that we had to read and agree to a gagglefuck of privacy and conduct guidelines, but that didn’t stop us from pushing the limits anyway. It’s our job to see just how steadfast these fucktards are about their website. We discovered that Crazy Live Cams admins don’t mess around. They may have outstanding customer service with friendly reps, but piss off one of the models and there will be someone different on the line. Just click on the pictures you like or navigate to a specific category and shut the fuck up.

Who’s on the Site?

Like we said, the lack of categories is noticeable right off the bat, but we found more than enough variety to have a good time. There are three different sections: women, men, and tranny. But, when you click on one of those sections you will immediately see the different categories within them and be able to choose which one you want. There is a little categorical overlapping within the sections. We will address that next.


  • Solo girls
  • Lesbians
  • Fetish artists
  • Big/Small tits
  • Fingering/Fisting
  • Dom/Sub
  • Deepthroat
  • Mommy/MILF
  • Hot Flirters
  • Petite/BBW
  • Shaved/Hairy pussy
  • Short/long hair
  • Unwilling/Willing
  • Squirting
  • Toys


  • Boy-like
  • Gay
  • Skinny/Muscular
  • Small/Large penis
  • Bald/Long hair
  • Unwilling/Willing


  • Petite
  • BBW
  • Small/Large penis
  • Small/Large tits
  • Short/Long hair
  • Close-up
  • Unwilling/Willing
  • Fingering
  • Deepthroat

    The entire website can be switched to read in just about any language you can think of, and sheer number of multi-lingual models is staggering. Furthermore, Crazy Live Cams is part of an enormous network of live sex websites that are hosted by CumTV. That may or may not explain the quality of the models found when you click around. Don’t forget about the discount hoes in the “Sale” category either. You know their self-esteem can’t take much more rejection.

    As for the categorical overlap, each of the sections has the following options in addition to the ones listed above:

  • Live orgasm
  • Leather
  • Stockings
  • Teen 18+
  • Mature/Senior
  • Anal
  • Striptease
  • Tattoos
  • Piercings
  • Smoking
  • Soulmates
  • Couples
  • Group sex
  • Toys

    There are filters for ethnicity and age as well, so finding a mature redheaded Latina with her nipples pierced isn’t as hard as you think. Crazy Live Cams may have reduced the number of categories on their site, but they sure as hell made sure to keep the cream of the crop in play and we appreciate that shit.

    What’s in It for Me?

    When you become a registered user of Crazy Live Cams you become privy to a bunch of stuff that makes the whole experience a lot more interactive. For example, there is a cam-to-cam two-way audio option in both the free and private chats. Considering the video quality is usually HD, shit like that can get raunchy fast. The audio quality on their end is on point, so make sure your own equipment is functioning properly or you’ll look like a dumbass.

    Another way to ensure everyone online thinks you’re an idiot: Update your status on your profile. While it is probably designed to help horny people break the ice with sexy strangers, it usually accomplishes little more than creating unrealistic expectations and more awkwardness. We wouldn’t suggest speaking to folks when your cock is hard or your pussy is wet, but that’s just us.

    That’s not the toughest decision to make while on Crazy Live Cams though. You’ll eventually have to choose how much fucking you want. There is only one type of membership, but you can purchase different packages. Just keep in mind what we said earlier: “Money ain’t for nothin’ if chicks are free.”

    The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

    It took us quite some time to figure out what we didn’t like about Crazy Live Cams, but our stuck-up asses were still able to pull it off. In a world where nothing is perfect, the closest thing any of us will get is a decent orgasm. We’re here to make sure that’s exactly what happens. It’s time for us to get to work:


  • Hoes in Every Area Code – The models on this site are smokin’ hot and come from all over the world.
  • Spread It Around – Since the different packages are all competitively priced, your money goes a long way (but not as far as it would go if everything were free, just sayin’).
  • Don’t Start No Shit, Won’t Be No Shit – The Crazy Live Cams customer service agents are cool as hell as long as you play by the rules listed on the TOS page.
  • Right This Way – The site is set up so that users and models can merge in an almost organic way.
  • A Site for Sore Eyes – We thought the overall quality of the site and its virtual hookers was impressive, especially when compared to some of the other shit we’ve seen. The main page looks like a damn magazine cover for fuck sakes.
  • Free Bird – Upon registering, you automatically get 10 free credits (equal to $9.99 in cost-free fucking). It might not be a lot but it’s a start and that’s something. We think.
  • Booty On-Call – Crazy Live Cams is up and running around the clock, so there’s always time for a midnight snack.
  • Rock the Vote – Registered users can vote for the models they like the most and earn rewards for themselves and the hookers who win. Score!


  • Who Knew? – With so much good content and sexy interaction, we can’t figure out why the site only has about 1,000 members. Is there something we don’t know?
  • Model Mayhem – There are hundreds of models on the site, but some of them are repeats from other sites that are also hosted by CumTV. That’s just the way the cookie crumbles apparently.
  • Bore Whore – Some of the models have had their egos inflated to the point that they are impossibly fussy and generally boring to interact with. We don’t understand how you can work for one of these sites and have any pride left.
  • Rack It Up – The costs for things can rack up quickly and there is no way to tell what your total is without exiting the chat to looking it up. It doesn’t help that your credit card info is taken at the time of registration to “simplify” things. Watch your ass, because the hoes will rob you blind if you let them.

    When Judgment Day Comes

  • This part of the review is the bane of our existence. We have to sum all this shit up and give you a rating, and that’s the hardest thing for us besides our dicks. We suppose if Crazy Live Cams had a few more members, a better variety of models, and lower costs we would give it a better score. For now though, this site is getting an 8 and that’s as good as it gets.
  • With so many different live sex cam websites out there, it’s refreshing to see someone doing something different. By different, we mean Crazy Live Cams is making this shit more interactive and customizable. Although their category game is lacking and their reps play hardball, the video and audio quality is on par with the best out there. We wouldn’t suggest this site to our best friend, but we might mention it to someone at the grocery store.
  • There isn’t much more than we can say about this site – good or bad – other than that we haven’t noticed any new models there since the last time we visited. Then again, we always seem to choose the same types of hoes. Despite our bad habits, the ones who stick around are sexy enough for us to look the other way when it comes to Crazy Live Cam’s hiring practices (or lack thereof). We will do our best to check back in a while to see if anything changes, but for now, we think Crazy Live Cams is well worth a bookmark on your browser.

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