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Our favorite part of this job is reviewing live sex cam websites until our ball sacks are desert dry. That collective dream we had to fuck every girl in the world is now more possible than ever, with virtual hookers popping up out of the woodwork from every corner of the world. We’ve learned that it’s not always about how hot the bitches are. Most often, what really matters is the quality of the site itself – the special features (if any), the number of hosts associated, and the type of membership available.

We like to dig around and get nosey when it comes to live sex cam sites, mostly because there are so many out there. An inexperienced person might be easily lured into an expensive but disappointing trap by misleading pictures and/or clips of sexy babes, only to sign up for a costly membership and gain access to nappy skanks you wouldn’t fuck with someone else’s dick. We’ve seen it 1,000 times.

So instead, we took it upon ourselves to check out Cam Soda for ya’ll before you become a statistic. This site is one of the more popular destinations for horny trolls, with several “inspiring” features that are designed to make this shit simple for anybody. So far, so good, Cam Soda. What else you got?

Who, What, When, Why, How?

Unlike many other live sex cam sites that claim to be legit, Cam Soda is actually backed up by lengthy Terms of Use and Privacy Policy agreements that look like they were written by someone at NASA. This online fuck hub even has two different versions – a simple classic version that is compatible with most older browsers, and a new version that is sexy, streamlined, and ideal for mobile devices and/or updated web browsers. We tried them both, and we have to say the updated interface is kick ass.

On both versions, a little window with a fuck bunny pops up in the corner when you navigate to the page. These bitches waste no time. You can click it or use the search tool to find someone better, although the classic search tool is a pain in the ass to use compared to the updated version. Either way you go, hundreds of models await your time, attention, and cash, with categories ranging from “pulling hair” to “domination.” Think: FetLife, if it were more organized and less disgusting.

Now, you can’t get anywhere on Cam Soda without registering for an account/membership, so don’t even bother if you’re not willing to do so. We suggest setting up an address that’s just for this site because you’ll receive more mail than Meg Ryan. Luckily you can opt out of communications and notifications, but not before confirming your account all that jazz. That’s usually all it takes to let the cat out of the bag.

How Does This Work?

Cam Soda works a lot like the live sex cam sites we’re used to, and that’s probably because it’s hosted as part of the enormous CumTV network. This esteemed affiliation is what allows members to access live and lustful goodies on the site via phone, tablet, or computer. In fact, there are several ways to enjoy the free shit that’s being offered up to you (after you become a paying member, that is):

  • Stream a wet pussy in a live cam show
  • Be entertained by an erotic chat session
  • Watch a live or recorded strip tease
  • Browse through nude photos
  • Enjoy the kind of cybersex that would make Ron Jeremy blush

Cam Soda has only one membership type, since we’re on the subject: Free. We’re not even kidding. The catch is that each model gets to run shit: the schedule, the pace, the time limit. However, the good thing about being a virtual pimp on Cam Soda is that you can get your hoes to do anything, from fingering and fisting to role-playing and BDSM. In other words, you’ll probably be the only reserved person on the site. We suggest working on that though, because Cam Soda has a special little feature called “Cam-to-Cam” and well, that shit is a blast.

Who’s on the Site?

One thing we noticed when checking out this site is that there is A LOT of unique variety. Both versions allow users to search for what they like, but Cam Soda has an “advanced search” option for dudes who know exactly what they want: a big breasted Asian MILF who loves ass play. We’re 10 steps ahead of you. Categories include debauchery like:

  • Teen 18+
  • Mature
  • Pornstars
  • Asian, Ebony, Latina, Indian, Middle Eastern, Dominican, and White
  • BBW
  • Anal
  • Cream-Pie
  • Tranny
  • Couples
  • Gay, Bi-Sexual, and Lesbian
  • Blondes, Brunettes, White Hair, and Redheads
  • Tattoos
  • Amateur

Cam Soda is certainly the place to go if you’re sick of monotonous porn and tired of wining and dining bitches to get some pussy. This site even has its own blog that features up-to-the-minute industry info, news about the girls and their career, and an open forum to ask questions. The entire site can be switched to different languages as well, so all the girls can communicate without barriers. We don’t know if you’re into that kind of thing, but we think it’s pretty cool of Cam Soda anyway.

What’s in It for Me?

You only need to register on Cam Soda because of the Privacy Act which requires users of these sites to be 18 or older. Other than that, you won’t be bothered to enter massive amounts of personal information to get started. We liked that shit for sure, especially considering the entire site is free to use for anyone who passes the initial carbon-dating test.

The XXX shows found here are available 24/7, although you do have to arrange live shows with the model due to the way the site is set up. That’s a small price to pay for free fucking, but what do we know? Most models are online quite a bit, and communicating with them is super easy. Cam Soda also features a number of fun clubs that come with perks (as in: extra favors from the performers and other naughty members). And keep in mind that, while membership and registration is free, tipping the girls is considered damn near mandatory. Don’t fuck this up for yourself by being a cheap bastard.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

We mentioned before that sometimes the quality of the site outshines the quality of the models. We will say it again: Cam Soda does a better job at organizing the inventory than performing quality control on the bitches. Nevertheless, there are a lot of smoking hot hoes online at any given moment, and the site’s convenient and well-appointed search engine makes it easy to sift through the riffraff.

For the most part, the cams used for the virtual fuck sessions on Cam Soda are high quality, although they’re certainly not the best we’ve ever seen. Most of the cams are done in HD, although some of them look like they were shot during the Middle Ages. Again, that’s sort of a small price to pay for cost-free fucking if you ask us (and you did). You also asked us to sum it up for you, so here goes nothing:


  • Free Bird – Since “free” is always in the budget, we had no complaints whatsoever about the cost of using Cam Soda. Even the tipping “expectations” were reasonable.
  • Outside the Box – While the site offers dozens of pre-determined categories, users can specify their own preferences and an on-site algorithm will direct them to the perfect hoe. You gotta love science.
  • Trend Setter – Cam Soda is an up-and-coming live sex cam website with plenty of room to grow, so you know there will be plenty more to cum (pun intended).
  • Quick Pick – The models have a rapid response time when contact is initiated, almost as though they’re as horny and pent up as you are.
  • Have Your People Call My People – Scheduling live private sessions with a model is usually easy as long as you’re not a creep and you tip accordingly.
  • Get Professional Help – Cam Soda has customer service representatives available for questions, comments, or concerns and we thought that was mighty nice of them.
  • International Affairs – Get your fuck on no matter what language you speak. No lingual discrimination here.


  • You Get What You Pay For – Considering Cam Soda is free to join and use, there are some features that are missing or of lower quality than you might like. Suck it up, Buttercup.
  • Hello, Are You There? – Yes, there are a bunch of categories and hundreds of models online at any given moment, but some categories only have one or two bitches logged on and that can make shit kind of lame.
  • Now Hiring – It seems like the same group of hoes has been on Cam Soda since 1846. They might want to think about hosting a job fair or some shit; we don’t know.
  • Wannabe – Cam Soda features hundreds of models, which might sound awesome until you realize that some live sex cam sites feature thousands of hoes.
  • Attitude Problems – Some of the models are very impatient skanks, but then again, we are cranky bitches too when our balls are on fire, so we can’t really blame them (but we will anyway).
  • Put Some Pep in Your Step! – When you contact customer service for questions or concerns, be prepared to wait a while for a response from an agent. They’re not exactly the most punctual people, unfortunately.

When Judgment Day Comes

You just can’t deny the fact that Cam Soda is solid competition for the more esteemed live sex cam sites out there. While there may be several hiccups that still need to be worked out by the design and admin teams in charge, we can’t complain about the inevitable outcome that results from exploring the categories. We did, in fact, jizz until our spines snapped. We did, in fact, have a great time once we found a model we liked. We did, in fact, recommend Cam Soda to a couple of our horny friends when we got drunk one night at a dinner party.

One thing we noticed after we sobered our asses up was the sheer number of strict restrictions applied to the membership agreement. Listed on the Terms of Use page are line after line of boundaries you can’t cross. We suggest taking a quick gander at that shit before initiating contact with any of the models. Some of them are real sticklers on the rules (we really don’t like bitches like that). Overall though, most of the girls (and guys) are down-to-earth and ready for fun.

Compared to other live sex cam websites out there, we’d say this one is similar in several ways, although its different in just as many. However, it stands in a small category of sites that is absolutely free to join, user-friendly for PC and/or mobile members, and features a multi-lingual interface that makes it internationally inviting (and that brings in some super freaks from our experience). We weren’t big fans of the camera quality on some of the shows as it was very grainy and often inconsistent, but the performer’s willingness to please more than made up for that in most cases.

On our coveted scale of 1 to 10, Cam Soda gets a 7.5 but only because we think it will get better once more people know about it, or at least once more models join with high-quality cameras. The basic foundations of some good stuff can be found here. But just like all innovations in this industry, it might take a while before the juice becomes worth the squeeze. We don’t necessarily regret our drunken recommendation of this site to our horny friends, but then again, we hope they thought more highly of it than we did, or else they may never listen to a word we say again.

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