Best Adult Sex Chat Sites 2017

These days, finding a well-managed live sex cam website is like discovering oil. There seems to be a lot of it out there, but only a handful of people know where it is. Well, we just so happen to be among that handful of lucky bastards who can point the way to the good shit. And we take this stuff seriously. After all, we’re customers ourselves and we don’t know a single person who likes expensive blue balls.

Sifting through the plethora of rubbish found on the internet these days is a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it. So, we deliver a hand-picked list of the best adult chat sites on the web so our horny homies don’t have to fuck with it. Our list is always changing and being updated too, which means we’re constantly playing wingman so you can get your swerve on properly. You’re welcome.

What Have We Got Here?

Our comprehensive lists reveal the features of each site in an honest and objective way, without bias being given to anyone. In other words, we’re not affiliated with any of the sites on our list, so we could give a shit less if they make money or not. The main concern here is helping our readers discover a sex cam website that appeases their kinkiest desires, so we have ranked each site according to our opinions of it.

Where do we get off running our cocksuckers about the world’s arsenal of adult chat sites? Well, for one, we’re experts in the field – just read our reviews and you’ll be able to tell we know what the fuck we’re talking about. For two, we have been doing this for a very, very long time – back since women had bushes the size of Arizona and all porn was shot in Technicolor. Put simply, our credentials are on point and so are the sites that make it onto our coveted list.

We stay up with the latest industry trends as well – true pioneers of the sexual playground. We’re raunchy and we love it, and we know you don’t want to be fed a line of bullshit when you’re ready to cum. Neither do we.

What Makes a Site Worthy of Our Vote?

Every live sex cam website on the net has a bunch of virtual hookers vying for your attention, so what’s the big diff? Honestly, there are quite a few finer points that set the good websites apart from the riffraff, and we’re always there to play umpire. We sift through each site with a fine-toothed comb, uncovering the following factors like 007:

  • Quality
  • Cost
  • Categories
  • Membership Options
  • Model Availability
  • Site Organization
  • Special Features
  • Privacy Policy
  • Popularity
  • Customer Service

Unlike many fools who get caught up by the flashing pictures of tits and dicks, our desensitized asses can ignore all that to find the true nature of each site. Thus, the only thing you’ll see on our list is a collection of the hottest, kinkiest, most popular sluts on the web. Fuck what you heard; this is the place to be.

Have Some Standards!

Nobody wants to get ripped off, and that’s where we come in. Our team finds out how far the site’s “free” offers will take you, and then we inform readers about the actual cost of things. We go balls-deep so you don’t go belly-up.

What’s Going On?

By the way, we take a special interest in helping you find a good live sex cam website because, frankly, we think it’s important. Not only do these sites help men and women safely explore their sexual fantasies, but they’re also a blast to use and can create long-term relationships out of complete strangers. The best sites we’ve discovered offer the following perverted perks:

  • The ability to chat live with hot models around the clock
  • Access to models’ video and photo collections
  • Invitations to virtual sex parties in themed chat rooms
  • Real-time naked fun with one or more people
  • Cam sex with actual porn stars
  • Compatibility with the industry’s best Bluetooth toys
  • HD video quality
  • Stereo audio (or better)
  • Mind-blowing orgasms as far as your wallet will reach
  • Membership packages and discount opportunities

While a lot of today’s best-known sex cam sites feature all those things listed above, we’ve gone the extra mile to test out the quality of each. After all, who wants access to a model’s photo collection if the bitch is busted? Not us, and surely not you either. Simply review our curated list to find your fuck-fantasy headquarters.














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