Top Gay Webcam Chat Room Sites 2017

We’re totally gay for a well-managed live sex cam website, no homo. Ok, so it’s very much homo, but there’s no shame in our game. Being the self-proclaimed “sex-perts” that we are, dabbling in the dark arts of man-on-man love is just another part of our big, thick, throbbing repertoire. And since we’re givers who are virtually obsessed with our online audiences, we’ve decided to share these fantastic fuck-scoveries with those wise enough to seek our counsel (and patient enough to make it through our terrible puns).

We review these sex sites because it isn’t like we have something better to do. After all, this shit is why we wake up in the morning (and why our bills are often late). Maybe it’s a vice, maybe it’s a choice, maybe it’s none of your business. Either way you look at it, we’re in it to win it. With fully erect cocks and enough coin in stock, we’ve gone spelunking on each of sites on the web to hand-pluck the best fucks on the web. You’re welcome.

What Have We Got Here?

It’s already difficult to be as sexy as we are, but now we went and got smart. Gone are the days of blindly sifting through a mountain of desperate dudes. No longer will you wander around fruitlessly, following some nonsense trend that results in a dead-end (in more ways than one). We’ve got the inside scoop on where all the best shit can be found, and you just got a black-tie invitation, son!

Our comprehensive lists are constantly updated by a group of rabidly randy professionals, routinely plucked and pruned to discover the most beloved live sex cam websites on the net. Don’t worry; they love the abuse. In fact, we’re all gluttons for this type of perverted punishment. That’s why we’ve played wingman for so long and have taken one for the team by visiting shitty websites that have scarred us for life. We’d rather it happens to us instead of you, our delicate flowers.

So, where do we get the audacity to presume what you like in terms of a virtual hooker? We don’t even know you like that! Well for starters, we’ve been doing this shit since MySpace was still a thing. To continue, we’re a whole lot pickier than the average bear because we’ve seen it all. In conclusion, bitches, don’t question our expertise. Our credentials are on point and so are the sites that make it onto this coveted list. You’ve just found the Holy Grail; be thankful.

What Makes a Site Worthy of Our Vote?

Although we’re trendy sons of bitches, we don’t let that shit go to our heads. A popular website is great, but it might not have the juice that makes it worth the squeeze. And yes, thousands of people can be wrong. We’ve seen a lot of good men go out like that. It’s sad, really.

To become featured on our list, any given live sex chat website (despite its reputation) is required to pass our nosey-ass 10-point inspection. It’s a lot like test driving a car, but more fun. We know that a site’s value drastically depreciates as soon as you get off, and that is why we’ve constructed this checklist to calculate the site’s staying power. Behold our pride and prejudice:

  • Quality (site functioning, models, cams, audio, etc.)
  • Membership Options
  • Costs (memberships, add-ons, freebies, etc.)
  • Categories
  • Availability (chat rooms, models on schedule, live shows, etc.)
  • Site Organization
  • Special Features (links, videos, extra content, Bluetooth compatibility, etc.)
  • Privacy Policy (billing, shipping, online contact, etc.)
  • Customer Service (questions, refunds, tech support, etc.)
  • Popularity (number of members, customer reviews, industry trendiness, etc.)

Have Some Standards!

Don’t be one of those idiots who falls for the simple-brained marketing schemes of poorly-managed live sex chat websites. Those pieces of shit are a testament to what’s wrong with a tasteless person getting ahold of a good domain name and couple of nudes. We all want access to willing schoolboys and aggressive bears, so stick to our list if you want to play it safe and make it out alive.

What’s Going On?

We take a special interest in your sexual health because, frankly, we think it’s worthy. Not only do our hand-picked websites help you express yourself freely, but they also allow our readers to explore their innermost sexual fantasies in a safe and secure way. These sites are all top-notch, a blast to use, and have the potential to forge long-term relationships between perfect strangers. If that ain’t hot, we don’t know what is.

The sites on our list got there because they all features the following perverted perks:

  • Instant access to the models’ video and photo collections
  • The ability to engage in a live chat session with hot models at any time
  • Real-time freaking with one or more chosen people
  • Invitation to virtual fuck fests in themed chat rooms
  • Live or pre-recorded cam sex with well-known porn stars
  • Compatibility with the industry’s hottest Bluetooth sex toys
  • Mind-warping orgasms as far as your credit card will reach
  • Membership packages, discount opportunities, and instant freebies
  • HD video quality on 80% or more of the cams featured
  • Stereo audio quality (or better) or 80% or more of the cams/chats featured

As you can clearly see, we’re not fucking around when it comes to steering our brothers in the right direction. We’ve even gone the extra mile by testing the quality of each perk listed because, let’s face it, having instant access to a models’ video collection isn’t so cool when the dude looks and acts like shit. Our team could care less if we cost somebody money; we’re trying to get off here. Do you mind?! We promise to keep you all updated as new discoveries come our way, or as the sites listed begin to be replaced by bigger, better things. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it. Why not let it be a group of cock-loving experts who aren’t afraid to tell the truth?